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Automobile Steering Shaft Laser Welding System

Introduction to the System

This system is suitable for the welding of rotors, sensors and shaft system of various automobile steering shafts, with strong tensile strength and no missing welding. This equipment is an efficient, clean and safe dedicated welding equipment designed for automotive steering shaft welding.


System Composition 

The system is mainly composed of a laser, a chiller, and a welding worktable for automobile steering shafts.

System Characteristics 

1. High-precision electric turntable, shaft coaxiality ≤0.005mm, radial runout ≤0.02mm

2. Pneumatic rotary chuck is used to clamp the workpiece, and the coaxial repositioning accuracy of clamping is ≤0.02mm

3. Clamping by pneumatic jaws, good stability

4. By changing the fixture, it can realize the welding of products of a variety of specifications

5. An automatic assembly positioning device is adopted to save manual assembly time, shorten production cycle, and improve production efficiency

6. CCD image monitors each welding point in real-time and observes the condition of welding point

7. Fully enclosed anti-laser radiation design is adopted

8. The worktable can be equipped with an energy reading function to visually observe energy changes


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